Boat trip

Boat trip



Hello, my name is Clelia and I am a young Sicilian Norman origin girl. I have been a sailing instructor and a skipper for more than 5 years. Since I was a child I loved the sea, the same love brought me to develop respect and sensibility to the landscape and nature. During our sailing trip my intention is to share all of this with you, giving you unique, inimitable exciting moments thanks to my land, which offers extraordinary natural scenery.

After introducing each other, I will welcome you on board of my sailboat ‘Venus Planet’, a 38ft boat with four comfortable cabins; then, we’ll live in the morning from the Palermo Port until the wonderful Mondello Gulf. Two hours of navigation along the coast will let us admire unique creeks, liberty stile villas and mountains overlooking the sea. During the navigation I will involve yourself in the sailing activities. The first break will be under the liberty stile hotel in Villa Igea, where you can take a dip and have a bath in crystal clear water. Afterwards we’ll continue sailing until the Mondello Gulf, known for its sandy beach and amazing sea. While you will enjoy all of this, I will prepare your lunch: a tasty spaghetti with seafood (al dente of course!), accompanied by alcohol-free drink and seasonal fruit.

The historical Port of Palermo- Palermo coasts – Hotel Villa Igea -The Mondello Gulf -Stabilimento balneare Charleston

Fish first course, fruits, alcohol-free drink

Meeting place :  Marina ” La Cala”                            duration : 8 hours

for more information    – whats app 3512119685


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